Discovering Art Galleries in Kailua


We are used to think of Hawaii as a spectacular travel destination where beaches are the only thing that matters. Even though this is true, Hawaii is much more than simply beautiful beaches and the prove to this lies on Hawaiian culture. This state features a really interesting and peculiar culture in which art occupies a very important place.

Kailua is one of the most important artistic places of Hawaii and many of the current artists are know for their unique use of material. Discovering Hawaiian culture through Kailua art is definitely something to experience.

There is no need to say that nature is a truly important element of the Hawaiian lifestyle. Even though there are lots of important cities and towns that are completely urbanized, still nature is everywhere you go. This is an obvious reference for Hawaiian art in general and also to Kailua art. Here you have the reason why almost every Kailua artists chooses to represent nature in its own way. Paintings and sculptures that recreate native flora and fauna are endless and while some are really figurative, some others choose more abstract designs to represent the most beautiful natural elements.

You can also find lots of artists that work with human created elements that still keep a close link to nature. Paintings of boats, lighthouses, villages and boat elements are also quite popular. Plus, thera are also tons of artists that create craft elements such as vases, beads, jewelry and decorative items.

Some of the most interesting art galleries and shops in Kailua are Art Directions, by Marti Wiese Rounds (located in 1209 Aloha OE Drive); Douglas Kennedy Art Studio (in 230 Kalama Street); Island Treasures Art Gallery (located in 629 Kailua Road # 103); Close Sculpture Hawaiian (by David Close and devoted to the creation of bronze sculptures) and Ingram S Mark (located in 201 Kapaa Quarry Road # 2) among others.

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